The Institute

The University of Texas at San Antonio created the Texas Sustainable Energy Research Institute to partner with our community and contribute to a new energy future that builds on a diverse resource base to position
 San Antonio as a significant contributor to the 21st century global energy economy.

The Institute integrates scientific
 discovery, engineering innovation 
and policy deliberations with pragmatic implementation and a commitment to our multicultural traditions to realize the promise of tomorrow’s America as a global energy leader. The Institute also serves as a center of intellectual creativity that promotes socioeconomic development regionally, nationally and globally.

We provide systems solutions that pursue novel opportunities for technology insertion to reduce costs, improve reliability 
and assure responsible environmental stewardship that contributes to our energy future. Our impact will drive San Antonio’s economic future, coalesce our intellectual capital, serve as a magnet for thought leaders from around the globe and help secure a foundation for enhanced prosperity for south Texas and the Alamo region for decades to come.


Visit our Contact page to learn more about our team, or see the Research page to find more about our key research contributions.