Energy Water Nexus

Energy Water Nexus

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The Institute is conducting research to understand the interrelationships between energy and water.


As a first step, the Institute established “Nexus” a laboratory created to evaluate the interrelationships between energy and water and to assess the complex interdependencies of energy systems including energy and water supply, responsible environmental stewardship and economic prosperity.

Water used for power generation in the South Central Texas area is estimated
to grow to about 130,000 Acre Feet per Year (AFY) by 2060, which is a significant increase from the 35,000 AFY used in 2000. Water needs for oil and gas exploration activities associated with the developing Eagle Ford Shale have not been included in traditional regional water planning efforts. While the impact might be minimal to non-existent at the state level, the effect on smaller communities within the Eagle Ford area could be significant.


The Institute is working with local stakeholders to develop a multi- disciplinary regional approach for long- term sustainable energy and water supply for the South Central Texas region.

Juan D Gomez, Ph.D., P.E. Texas Sustainable Energy Research Institute