Carbon Capture, Storage, Sequestration and Reutilization

Carbon Capture, Storage, Sequestration and Reutilization

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The objective of this project is to develop a roadmap that contributes to the long-term carbon strategy for CPS Energy generation assets, identifying explicit technologies and capabilities that are uniquely relevant for demonstration at CPS Energy facilities. 

The UTSA Carbon Team conducted a literature review of five main categories related to carbon (capture, storage, sequestration, reutilization, and management), analyzed the information collected, and created the Integrated Carbon Solutions Index Library. 

Innovative technologies related to carbon capture, storage, sequestration, and reutilization were outlined in a report that includes an analysis of current technologies and profiles of companies in the market.

Screened technologies will pave the way to a strategic roadmap for technology validation, testing, and implementation as they relate to carbon management, reduction, and reutilization in the CPS Energy Service Area.  The future goal of the Carbon team is to understand CPS Energy’s system-wide carbon budget, so that a greenhouse gas emissions reduction and management optimization model can be established.

University of Siena

Juan Gomez, Ph.D., P.E., Texas Sustainable Energy Research Institute