Afamia Elnakat, Ph.D.

Afamia Elnakat, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Research

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AET 2.310

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Afamia is an associate professor of research at the UTSA Texas Sustainable Energy Research Institute.  She is also teaching faculty of Environmental Science and Engineering at UTSA. 

Afamia’s research is dedicated to emphasizing living sustainably while alleviating environmental impacts.  Utilizing her multidisciplinary knowledge and background in engineering, biology, geology, chemical fate and transport, and water resources, Afamia specializes in multidisciplinary approaches in assessing environmental policies and institutional barriers to facilitate cooperation between different entities.   

Dr. Elnakat’s current research focuses on big data analysis in the energy and water sector while coupling behavioral influence.  Her ultimate goal is bridging the gap between scientific knowledge and its application to environmentally sound public policy. With her private industry background in engineering consulting firms, and commitment to community initiatives, Afamia has gained experience in technical, political and socioeconomical aspects of resource management. Afamia currently serves as one of the tri-chairs on the SATomorrow planning effort.   

Educational Background: 

Ph.D., Environmental Science & Engineering - 2002
University of Texas at El Paso

"The Use of Symmetric Triangular Linear Fuzzy Regression in Investigating Transectoral and Transboundary Water Allocation”
-NSF Scholar in Math and Engineering 

Related Publications: 

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