Who’s Who in Energy

Who’s Who in Energy
November 27, 2012 | posted by The Institute

Source: San Antonio Business Journal

Dr. Les Shephard, Director of the Texas Sustainable Energy Research Institute and Dr. Hariharan Krishnaswami, faculty member of the UTSA Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, are highlighted in the San Antonio Business Journal Who's Who in Energy edition.

The San Antonio Business Journal and its sister publications in Dallas, Denver, Houston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and St. Louis have partnered to create a list of the leaders in the energy industry. The leaders showcased in this edition have an array of backgrounds in industry law, business, and research and are all known experts in their fields. Dr. Shephard is highlighted for having more than 35 years experience in energy research, including his 29 years in various leadership at Sandia National Laboratories where he focused on high level radioactive waste management. Dr. Hari Krishanswami is nominated in this edition for his research in modeling Photo-voltaic systems with spatial and temporal variability and as lead researcher of the Texas State Energy Conservation Office million dollar grant to install distrbuted solar energy resources with sensor network monitoring and control at the UTSA main campus. 

For more information on the Who's Who in Energy edition please contact the San Antonio Business Journal or pick up your edition at Barnes and Noble locations in San Antonio.