The Institute welcomes Alfredo Ugalde, International Summer Intern

The Institute welcomes Alfredo Ugalde, International Summer Intern
July 07, 2016 | posted by The Institute

Alfredo Duran Ugalde is studying engineering at  the Technological Institute and Higher Education of Monterrey in Queretaro, Mexico. This summer, he joins the Institute for a one month internship to research the consumption of energy and resources in the food industry. He hopes to find more sustainable solutions for the food industry that he can then take back with him to Queretaro, Mexico.

Professional History: 

I first started developing projects for small companies such as FABPSA and Roquette, which are part of the food industry in Mexico, developing and testing new products according to their specific requirements. I worked at TiendIIA, a pilot food processing plant, for a year and a half as production co-manager and later as an executive. My main responsibilities were managing the production line, developing new formulas, marketing of products, accounting and administrative activities, as well as customer service.

What is your focus for your professional career?

I'm focused on the industrial process of food. I want to be specialized in meat processing but in the meantime I want to focus on sustainability to improve the meat processing chain.

What made you decide to work at the Institute? 

Curiosity. In my working experience I knew that my major used a lot of resources to produce food so when the exchange program appeared I decided it would be nice and productive to go deeper in the subject of sustainability.

What first inspired you to work in your field? 

During my work in the processing plants I noticed that we used a lot of water in order to clean and sanitize the equipment. Sometimes if takes as long as 2 shifts of 5 hours a day and during that period of time we used steam in different parts of the process, so a lot of fuel was being used in order to keep the boiler working for such long periods of time. I became curious on how many of these supplies where really needed and if there was a way to reduce the consumption. Then, a time came when I needed to study abroad for my under graduate education, this opportunity presented itself and I decided it was a great chance to complete that part of my education.