Cultural Immersion in a Different Environment

Cultural Immersion in a Different Environment
January 19, 2016 | posted by The Institute

Source: Diario Digital - Universidad de La Laguna

Picture by: Emeterio Suarez


Five students with a Master's degree in renewable energy at the University of La Laguna(ULL), directed by Professor Ricardo Guerrero, will conduct their professional practices in companies within the United States, Germany and Austria, after signing several agreements of collaboration with these institutions the academic institution.
Thursday, 14 January the rector of internationalization, Carmen Rubio, congratulated them on this entrepreneurship that surely will result in their academic and professional curriculum. "These practices of international distiguish the master program of the University of La Laguna and it is a unique opportunity to carry out linguistic and cultural immersion in a different environment, which will also involve a clear personal enrichment."
The Vice President also had words of appreciation for the director and the body of teachers, who have contributed their international business contacts to achieve the signing with these leading companies, all of them in the renewable energies sector. It's about curricular practices, that is to say, that are part of the curriculum of the master program and who have a clear academic recognition in the record of the students.
Processed by the Vice-Rectorate of students, with the support of the Fundación General of the ULL, serve also to make these students finish their dissertation, of compulsory work. The rest of the graduates of this official title of the University of La Laguna will also practice, but in this case stays linked to Canary Islands and national companies.
Students who attend foreign companies from the universities of La Laguna, Santiago de Compostela, Huelva and Valencia, claimed that they chose the master of the ULL have a duration of two years - allowing greater training and specialization against those of a single year-because it is an official master with validity throughout the national territory because it includes internships in companies and being a part of an emerging suector such as the renewables sector, to which will attribute to the future.
All students have a good level of English and some of them have studied German in recent years. Miguel Sánchez will be proceeding to University of Huelva and will join the company, ISE-FhG, in Freiburg, Germany. There, he will be part of a European project and will work with a heat pump powered by renewable energy. It is, said the director of the master, one of the most important smart grid laboratories in Europe.
Juan Daniel Martín was trained as an engineer at the ULL and will use his practices in the Kodiak Energy Association, located on an island in Alaska. At a very low cost, it's an energy cooperative consisting of almost 100% wind and hydraulic energy in the network. The agreement with this institution and the University of La Laguna expects months of work.
Rocío Castelo comes from the University of Santiago de Compostela and after pursuing her Master's degree at ULL, she will be acrrying out her practices in the Otto Schott Institute of Materials Research at the University of Jena, in Germany. Rocío will join a research project of artificial photosynthesis as well, using solar energy and microsynthetic materials, which was rated by Ricardo Guerrero as a very promising line of work.
Alberto Álvarez studied at the Polytechnic University of Valencia to then pursue his master's degree at the ULL. He will join Junland Energieanlagen GmbH in Bergland, Austria. There, he will work on two different things. On one hand, with a company of architecture and on the other hand, with a 16th century mill, a family business, which generates hydropower and also manufactures its own flour, and also has wind energy. They will assemble a substation and it will work in the energy storage system.
Finally, Tyrone Lis, of the University of La Laguna, will work with Microsoft-UTSA in San Antonio, Texas. He will be devoted to a high-capacity data center with renewable power.

The stay for all the students will be four months.