Report shows 1 in 3 Texans chooses renewable energy options

August 26, 2014 | posted by The Institute


By: Staff Reports

A Texas Empowerment report released by Choose Energy shows that about one in three Texans choose renewably sourced energy options.

That’s 100 percent more than any other state, said a spokeswoman for Choose Energy.

“While Texans may have bigger grids and bills when it comes to energy, they also have a lot of choice in green energy plans — which may be partly why they gravitate to green energy plans more often than any other state,” she said.

This month, Choose Energy, an online energy marketplace that helps customers in deregulated areas, such as Tyler, choose the best energy option, released the Texas Empowerment report, found at .

The report showed that Texas residents are experiencing a significant increase in energy bills with the summer heat. However, electricity rates are expected to decrease until August by about $2 to $3 a month for the average household.

Choose Energy selects the leading energy suppliers who offer the best options for utilities. Consumers can choose the right plan for them — a fixed plan, a short-term option, cost savings, or a greener choice. Choose Energy shows customers what percentage of their power will be renewable with each provider’s offer.

Given recent pricing volatility, Texas residents are now increasingly opting for long term, 36-month plans, thereby locking in a fixed rate for three years, the report states.

Green plans tend to cost about half a penny more per kilowatt hour, equating to $75 more a year per household for renewable energy over coal-generated power, according to the Texas Empowerment report.

“We hear a lot about being more green, whether it’s related to recycling or choosing greener resources, and it’s something that Texans have embraced whole-heartedly,” Kerry Cooper, chief executive officer of Choose Energy, said in a statement. “What we allow customers to do with Choose Energy is really examine what a green choice would mean for them and compare their options. It’s empowering to take control and make an educated decision on who should be your energy provider and still benefit the environment.”

For customers who are intimidated by a green energy plan, Cooper suggests a number of other ways to make a home more green until the customer is ready and able to use a renewable energy source:

- Conduct an energy audit of the home.

- Replace regular light bulbs with energy-saving ones, such as LED, CFL or eco-incandescent bulbs.

- Turn off lights and other devices when they aren’t needed, and be aware of appliances that are actually on standby mode rather than off.

- Wash laundry in cold water instead of hot.

- Invest in energy-efficient appliances.

- Use a solar charger for electronic devices.

- When building a home, invest in energy-efficient design and construction.