A New Logo for Everyone

A New Logo for Everyone
March 06, 2012 | posted by The Institute

Of the near 100 entries received, 10 were chosen to for a round two re-design phase. From those 10, 2 were chosen as 2nd and 3rd place, and one was chosen as the new logo for the Texas Sustainable Energy Research Institute. The winning design was created by Eleazar Hernandez , a graduate student pursuing a Masters degree in Art History.  Eleazar describes his design as a logo not just for the Institute, but also as a mark for everyone:
“The Texas Sustainable Energy Research Institute’s brand is designed for everyone who is interested in finding new ways to utilized sustainable energy sources. Whether institutes of higher learning, government agencies, or individuals wanting to make a difference in the world, this mark can act as a rallying point for everyone.”

“The brand is a unique stand-alone mark designed to create a sense of regional identity and pride for the people who work here and are involved with the Institute.

Circle: Without sides to keep it from progressing, the circle represents constant motion. Sun: The stylized sun symbolizes our ever-present energy source. Cut in half, the symbol can represent both sunrise and sunset. Eye: The stylized sun also resembles an iris to symbolize the Institute’s vision for the future. Water: The bowl-like elements represent the reflection of the sun across the water. Additionally, the ripples refer to the idea that the Institute’s accomplishments can have far reaching effects. “
Since the date of the contest, the University Marketing department has hired Eleazar as it’s newest Director of Design.