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Accepting Ideas for the institute’s new Aumni program


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Please provide any input or ideas you may have on what the institute’s new Alumni program should entail.


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Thanks Robert!

Here are the items I’ve heard tossed around.

1) Facebook- keeping up with Alumni and those interested in the Institute through Facebook. If we wanted to go deeper than just updating the status and making event announcements, we could link to the Institute newsletter. Which brings us to #2 grin

2) Newsletter- Les, Linda, and I have been talked about a quarterly (to start) newsletter for the Institute. This would be emailed to everyone associated with the Institute, including Alumni, and would recap all the Institute has accomplished and highlight our agenda for the future.

3) LinkedIn- Martha created an Institute Linkedin so that we can all stay connected professionally.

4) Institute Forums- we could always keep this forum open and be sure to keep past alumni permissions to this forum set up so that there is a line of communication with everyone.

What are other ideas that have been tossed around? Do we do all 4, or identify a few to be our primary streams of contact?


Capri S.