Then & Now: Using Aerial Photography To Measure Habitat Change


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This is a sample of an activity in Science and Civics.  The full guide is available through a Science & Civics workshop.  Check the Tx Parks and Wildlife calendar for scheduled workshops or contact the Project WILD Coordinator;

Students will compare aerial photographs that are of a community and were taken 50 years apart. They will identify features resulting from human settlement. Using a transparent grid, they will next measure and then discuss changes to wildlife habitat that have occurred over time as a result of human population growth.


  • Social Studies


  • Elementary (K-5)
  • Middle School (6-8)


  • Ecosystems
  • Human Environment Interactions

NAAEE Guidelines/Strand(s):

  • Strand 2.4: The Environment & Society
  • Strand 3.1: Skills for Analyzing & Investigating Environmental Issues

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Then & Now: Using Aerial Photography To Measure Habitat Change

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