An Exploration of Wind Energy and Wind Turbines


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This unit, which includes both a pre and post test on wind power engages students by allowing them to explore connections between wind energy and other forms of energy. Students learn about and examine the overall design of a wind turbine and then move forward with an assessment of the energy output as factors involving wind speed, direction and blade design are altered. Students are directed to work in teams to design, test and analyze components of a wind turbine such as blade length, blade


  • Science


  • High School (9-12)

NAAEE Guidelines/Strand(s):

  • Strand 1: Questioning, Analysis & Interpretation Skills
  • Strand 2.1: The Earth as a Physical System
  • Strand 2.4: The Environment & Society

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  • Lessons & Activities


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An Exploration of Wind Energy and Wind Turbines

Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
1000 Independence Avenue, SW
Washington, District of Columbia

Organization Type: Natural Resource Education

Billie Newland
U.S. Department of Energy

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