Annual Reports


The Institute Annual Report 2010 - 2012.pdf

This report highlights year one strategic research themes that best serve the city of San Antonio.


CPS Energy - UTSA Energy Research Alliance Report 2012.pdf

This report highlights our 2010 - 2012 contributions.




Carbon Report July 2012 Draft.pdf

The Institute completed a literature review of peer-reviewed journal articles and reports related to carbon capture, storage, sequestration, reutilization, and management and identified current related technologies.  This report includes an analysis of current carbon mitigation technologies and profiles of companies with technologies in the market.




Education 2012.pdf

This document is a compilation of work related to K-12 education through the Institute, including screenshots from the Greensources Web Tool and augmented reality visualization projects.



Alignment of the Excellence in Environmental Education Guidelines for Learning (NAAEE), the Texas Essential Knowledge
and Skills, & College & Career Readiness Science & Social Studies Standards for Grades K-12.


Energy Effiiciency


Energy Efficiency 2012.pdf

The Institute for Demographic and Socioeconomic Research (IDSER) through the Institute, has created a draft Year 1 Summary titled “Modeling Household Energy Consumption in Bexar County, 2010”.  This summary provides results from energy consumption studies in the CPS service area.


Smart Grid


Smart Grid 2012.pdf

This document is a compilation of publications through the Institute related to electric vehicles, microgrids, photovoltaics, and advance metering infrastructure and communications.

Partnership & Alliances