Madison High School

The Texas Sustainable Energy Research Institute is a proud sponsor and mentor of the Madison High School Madsci Team and Solar Car Initiative. The Madsci Team is a collection of Madison High School students, UTSA students, faculty, and sponsors who collaborate to build a solar car for competitions each year. Led by Madison High School teacher Dr. Joseph Dungan, this project aims to "expand the curriculum outside the normal classroom" and engage students in critical thinking, project managing, and fundraising. Dr. Dungan leads a group of passionate students who not only learn about engineering, alternative energy, battery technology, and aerodynamics, but also about business, automotive design, and public relations. The Institute has dedicated UTSA students to be college mentors to the Madison High School students in all these areas, and the team has produced three solar cars: Solaris, Helios, and Nova.

For information on the Madsci Team please visit the team website.